Judging Criteria

Interview, 40%

The Interview Competition is your time to shine in front of the judges. It will be brief, but will give you the opportunity to introduce yourself and discuss your personal goals and objectives. It is also an excellent time to let the judges know why you should be crowned a Miss American Teen Queen! Judges will be evaluating your ability to articulate your thoughts, self-confidence, grooming, personality and overall presentation.

Fun Fitness, 30%

Delegates will model an athletic-wear outfit to receive a fun fitness score. The outfit will consist of coordinated aerobic and athletic attire. Judges will be looking for the individual who is confident, energetic and healthy, with a strong sense of self-esteem.

Evening Gown, 30%

Presentation in Evening Gown is the finale' competition and gives each delegate the opportunity to capture the audience and judges through her natural beauty, personality, poise and grace in a floor length gown. A variety of gown types are permitted. Delegates should ensure their choice is age appropriate and makes them look and feel their best.

Community Service

Giving back to the community in which we live is an important part of being in the Miss American Teen family. Delegates will be given a score on their community service or missionary project in a free optional competition. The project must be completed within the 12 months preceding the international pageant and documented in essay form.

Optional Competitions

Included in the cost of registration, each delegate will have the opportunity to apply for the following Special Honors which do not require on-stage or interview scoring:

  • Top Scholar Award (must submit grade report)

  • National Community Service/Missionary Award (must submit written essay)

  • Ad Sales Award (for selling optional program book ads)

All-Inclusive Optionals

New Optionals Coming in 2024!

Delegates will have the opportunity to participate in Optional competitions to receive Special Recognition Awards and Metals. Miss American Teen International has an all-inclusive policy in which the cost of all optionals is included in the International Package Fee. We have expanded our menu of optionals to include additional modeling competitions and titles. Refer to the Delegate Handbook for details on competing for optional awards.

Please make note that optional competitions may be judged by a select panel, or by the finale judging panel, depending upon the competition. There will be at least one award winner from the Sr. Divisions (Miss, Teen, Jr. Teen) and one from the Jr. Division (Pre-Teen, Princess, Jr. Princess).

Judging ​Disclosure: While delegates generally focus on their on-stage competitions and interviews, it is important to understand that judges will be selecting individuals to represent the pageant for a year as spokespersons. As such, any behavior observed by a judge may be considered in their overall impressions and determination of the delegate's fitness for the position sought. Parents and family members attending the pageant in support of a delegate are required to observe decorum expectations and not present a nuisance at the event. Our Code of Conduct extends to family members and can result in disqualification of the delegate without a refund.

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