Model Registration

As a benefit to our national and state royalty, participants in the International Pageant have the opportunity to sign with a modeling agency that specializes in placing models with major agencies with international reach, as well as booking them for direct assignments with clients.

Delegates who are looking for representation and/or who want to participate in castings for fashion shows during Internationals should first register with Trendsetter Model Management on their website. In order to be marketed to agencies in your target markets, models must submit casting photos.


High resolution photos are required to be submitted for review by the agencies. The photos must also be clear with good lighting. All backgrounds should be white (or light colored) and without distractions. Models should be wearing black or dark colored form fitting attire, clean skin with minimal makeup, and hair pulled away from the face. There are specific required photos that must be submitted -- please familiarize yourself with the poses so that you can capture them during your photography session.

Model Comp Card
Model Comp Card


  • Remember that each Agency has a specific portfolio of clients and serves particular segments of the industry. These segments include fashion runway, editorial print, catalog print, showroom/fit, specialty (e.g., fitness, plus-size, child/adolescent, etc.) among others. Each industry segment has its own requirements for models. Therefore, do not take it personally if you do not fit into a particular type or category. Keep in mind that each girl is unique and, regardless of physical attributes, can inspire an industry trend that didn't exist previously. So be confident, positive and focus on presenting your best authentic self.

  • Remember that agents will be evaluating the model's ability to work with clients, to be professional, friendly and get along well with photographers and trades people.

  • For your portfolio, select photographs of yourself that show a variety of different looks...change your hair, makeup and wardrobe style to give the agent an idea of your range. It is okay to have minimal professional retouching by the photographer shooting your photographs. However, please do not put your photographs through facial "tuning" apps or PhotoShop to change the appearance of your natural features. Apps may produce attractive photographs, but can work against you if you do not look the same in person.

  • Take time out to study walks, poses and styles of professional models in the segments of your interest. Practice posing in front of the mirror, without the mirror and learn your best angles. Remember, modeling and pageantry require different skill sets, so prepare yourself accordingly. Your goal is to present a complete package, not just sell your face.


Miss American Teen International considers the safety and well-being of all our aspiring models to be a top priority. As such, we do not provide your contact information to agents. We provide interested agencies with links to your social media. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that personal information (such as your telephone number) that you do not want to share publicly is not published. We believe it is important to advise models about unscrupulous people who prey on their ambitions. Please be aware that there are individuals on the internet falsely claiming to be modeling or talent scouts for reputable agencies. If you are contacted by anyone claiming to be a representative of an agency that you did not apply to, or that you did not meet through this private casting, do not respond without first verifying their identity by promptly calling the agency directly at one of their offices. If you are a minor, you must immediately alert your parents or a responsible adult.

Please also note that no reputable agency will request photos in the nude, or in lingerie and will never require the payment of a representation fee. Costs (such as professional photography used for your agency composite cards) are typically charged to the model. If you are under the age of 18, you should never participate in a Skype interview without a parent or legal guardian present.